Caring for Silver Jewelry

Please take good care of your silver jewellery pieces – they are quite delicate, and we want you to enjoy wearing them for as long as possible!

Silver can tarnish quite quickly when in contact with oxygen or sulphur, but you can actually delay this by wearing the jewelry often, as your skin contains elements such as oils, which help prevent tarnishing (this may vary depending on your own body chemistry).

When you are not wearing your jewelry, keep it in an airtight plastic bag, and if possible put a small silica gel packet inside, or even a piece of chalk, which can delay tarnishing inside the bag.

However, if your silver does begin to tarnish, the simplest way to clean it is using a jewelry polishing cloth. These are inexpensive and can be found in most jewelry stores and other outlets, as well as online.
Remove jewelry when swimming, at the beach, sunbathing, during contact sports etc.